PGA Junior League Golf

  (open to boys and girls 13 and under, advanced golfers under 9 may be eligible at the discretion of the team captain)

The Ironwood team won their league in 2013 and had a great time doing it!  A team from Indianapolis even made it to the National Finals this year.

Make plans to join in 2014.  Practices start in May and competitions take place in June and July.

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PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) features a team- vs-team scramble format in a structured league setting that provides for a more popular, less stressful, competition. The emphasis is on the fun, recreation, and sportsmanship of the game for players at any skill level.  Every participant gets the chance to play.

Each player will receive a PGA JLG team golf jersey, golf balls, and a PGA JLG bag tag. Players will participate in 5-6 regular season competitions, with 2 or 3 away matches being held at other golf clubs in your league. Awards, and password access to your team’s homepage on the PGA JLG website are also provided.

The PGA JLG program is designed for 9-13 year-old boys and girls. Team Captains have the discretion to allow skilled younger players to play up on the team. A player cannot be 14 years of age prior to Aug.1 in a regular season. There are 8-14 members on each team.

Player Proficiency •   Advanced skills not required, must have access to a set of golf clubs •   If your child can drive, chip or putt… we have a role for them on our JLG team!

All boys and girls, regardless of age, will compete together as a team against other PGA JLG teams from nearby clubs in their league.   All participants use the same tee boxes, regardless of age or gender. PGA JLG distances, however, are never further than the forward tees and in many cases adjusted for even shorter distances.

Regular season play lasts approximately 5-6 weeks. Top teams in the regular season compete in the city championship. Those winners may advance to regional competition where winners advance to a national competition. Here are the dates from last year. This year’s dates are not determined yet.


Local League Play:

May 29 – July 8

City Championships:

July 13 – July 22

Regional Championships:

August 3 – 5

PGA Junior League Golf World Series:

September 21 – 23


The cost per team member is $160.